Sunday, May 3, 2009


Alright so last time I shared with you my favorite manual toothbrush but I feel that I must share with you my least favorite as well. When I saw this for the first time I thought it was a joke and then I had a patient who described this very same brush to me to explain what he used ... It was immediately clear to me why he was not able to clean his molars for at least 6 months.

So I know what your thinking , that doesn't look bad. What is the big deal??? The handle actually doesn't bother me and I can imagine it might be comfortable for someone with arthritis; but take a look at that toothbrush head. I took another picture to compare it to my thumb (which my thumb is bigger than my compact toothbrush head)

People get frustrated because they don't have room to floss, with this I wonder how you have room to brush.

Take a look


  1. I don't know why anyone would even consider buying that! It's awful looking!

  2. That looks like it could seriously gag someone. Uggg...

  3. You may want to suggets to your readers that, if they have already purchased said brush, they can always use it as a foot massager! Holy moly that thing is HUGE!

    Very pretty smile in that profile photo btw. Love it!

  4. hahaha... I know. I thought it was a joke but nope. I have patients actually purchasing it, thinking "I wouldn't miss any teeth if I just had a bigger brush" ???

  5. Thats funny, it does look like something you'd see on SNL or Leno. Don't know what they were thinking. BTW. . . Camie had her cleaning and the Dr. said she has really great teeth, good spacing and NO cavities!! Yeah!!! She was such a little tropper!

  6. Hey Cindy,
    good to hear about Camie, yay! and yes the power tooth brushes can be good too. i think it is important that they like to do it and some have music to let them know how long to brush. i wouldn't change esp. since the doc says she is doing great:)